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Some of you who know Cindy and I, know that we cannot have children. We have looked into adoption and have even attended an adoption seminar,andwe have come to realize that without a miracle it is almost impossible for us to afford adoption

As I was driving down the road today, I began once again thinking about adoption and the cost. Then it came into my mind our adoption into the family of God. What a price God paid to adopt us (Gentiles) into the family of God. The price was steep and yet God didn’t hold back. No He paid the ultimate price for our redemption.

What if He would of said, the price is to much? Where would that have left you and I? Homeless! without a way to the Father! I am so thankful that God said, your worth it son!

I think when it is all said and done, Cindy and I will say, “whatever it takes, there is no sacrifice to great”.

May God always help us to remember that He gave the ultimate sacrifice for you and I.



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